Gesellschaft für Sozial- und Wirtschafts-Geschichte


The objectives of the association

... are the "academic fostering of social and economic history" and the "representation of the interests of the field in public and towards decision-makers in the field of educational policy".


The academic objectives of the association

... are to be pursued "in close contact with both general historiography and the mutual academic organizations". Special attention is paid to "relations with organizations with a related objective abroad".



... might be acquired by individuals and corporations. To become member, a written application for admission must be submitted to the Executive Board. The annual fee is 20 €.

Application form: HERE


The statutes of the GSWG

... can be downloaded HERE


The Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Mark Spoerer, Regensburg | First chairman
Prof. Dr. Jochen Streb, Mannheim | Second chairman
Prof. Dr. Korinna Schönhärl, Paderborn | Secretary
Prof. Dr. Marcel Boldorf, Lyon | Treasurer
Prof. Dr. Jörg Baten, Tübingen | Assessor
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl, FU Berlin | Assessor
Prof. Dr. Laura Rischbieter, Konstanz | Assessor


List of all current and former board members